Pieces of the Monster Mash Game: A pencil poked through paper cut out in a circle with cartoon monsters on it. The spinner is resting on top of the Monster Key that has the pictures of the monsters along with dance moves.

Monster Mash

Is it dance, is it drama, is it games? Yes, to all of it! This game gets you up, grooving, […]

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An image of final project: a paper with a leaf rubbing design with the supplies leaves, tape, and crayon

Leaf Rubbing Art

Go on a walk with your friends or family to discover all the hidden patterns of nature and the changing […]

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An image of 2 pieces of paper. One has a pumpkin on it and the other has different shapes.

Pumpkin Carving

Get spooky, get creative! This paper pumpkin carving activity is great to practice scissor skills and develop utensil grasp, plus […]

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Image of 2 men smiling and dancing. There is a banana animation overlay. Text says "Music: Banana Salute"

Banana Salute

Download the lyrics or just follow along with the Tim and Shaun to go bananas, go, go bananas! LYRICS Form […]

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3 people behind a counter who are smiling. 2 are jumping and 1 young girl peaks over the top of the calendar.

Bouncy Balls

Join Kamryn, Tommy, and Abby as they get bouncy with it! With just a few ingredients and a lot of […]

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Cards for Seniors

Our community initiative this month is send the love to our beloved Seniors! Give them a call or make them […]

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2 women blowing their apple boats across the water

Apple Boats

Join Emma and Dr. Morgan as they blow their apple boats across the ocean! This activity is great for self-regulation […]

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Image of a maze

Carnival Maze

You’re on a mission to get to the roller coaster, but don’t get distracted by the other rides or the […]

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2 women playing with a homemade catapult


Join Dr. Morgan and Emma as they show you how to make a catapult with a few simple items!

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