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Banana Salute

Download the lyrics or just follow along with the Tim and Shaun to go bananas, go, go bananas!


Form banana, form, form banana (x2)

Peel banana, peel, peel banana (x2)

Go bananas, go, go bananas (x2)

Banana Salute

Form potato, form, form potato (x2)

Peel potato, peel, peel potato (x2)

Mash potatoes, mash, mash potatoes (x2)

Banana Salute

Form the orange, form, form the orange (x2)

Peel the orange, peel, peel the orange (x2)

Squeeze the orange, squeeze, squeeze the orange (x2)

Banana Salute

Form the corn, form, form the corn (x2)

Shuck the corn, shuck, shuck the corn (x2)

Pop the corn, pop, pop the corn (x2)

Banana Salute

Form the mohawk, form, form the mohawk (x2)

Style the mohawk, style, style the mohawk (x2)

Rock the mohawk, rock, rock the mohawk (x2)

Banana Salute!

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