3 people behind a counter who are smiling. 2 are jumping and 1 young girl peaks over the top of the calendar.

Bouncy Balls

Join Kamryn, Tommy, and Abby as they get bouncy with it! With just a few ingredients and a lot of […]

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2 women blowing their apple boats across the water

Apple Boats

Join Emma and Dr. Morgan as they blow their apple boats across the ocean! This activity is great for self-regulation […]

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2 women playing with a homemade catapult


Join Dr. Morgan and Emma as they show you how to make a catapult with a few simple items!

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3 people standing at a counter. 1 of them is explaining the activity.

Foil Float

Taking a boat trip? What makes some things float and some things sink? Find out with Chris, Tommy, and Abby.

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Thursday STEM

Join Liz and Tommy as they walk you through some galactic science experiments with household items! You won’t even believe […]

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4 people smiling and waving at the camera

3, 2, 1 …Blast Off!

3, 2, 1, blast off! Try out this awesome rocket simulation with Cameron, Alex, Stephen and Reagan. Gather your materials […]

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3 people with their arms out shouting something. They look happy and excited.

Ocean in a Bottle

This cool science experiment will give you an ocean in a bottle! Follow along and create your own amazing ocean […]

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2 people smiling. 1 is holding a communication device and the other is waving.

Flower Power

Did you know you had the power to change the color of a flower?! Join Justin, John, and Derek to […]

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