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Monster Mash

Pieces of the Monster Mash Game: A pencil poked through paper cut out in a circle with cartoon monsters on it. The spinner is resting on top of the Monster Key that has the pictures of the monsters along with dance moves.

Is it dance, is it drama, is it games? Yes, to all of it! This game gets you up, grooving, and laughing!

You won’t even know you’re working on in-hand manipulation skills (using the small muscles of the hand) to spin the wheel or visual memory to connect the monsters on the wheel with the monsters on the key!

Choose your own spooky music mashup or try this suitable for all ages Kidz Bop Halloween Playlist.

Don’t have a printer? Use this virtual wheel: Monster Mash Wheel


Monster Mash Download




1. Print out wheel on cardstock or other thick paper

2. Cut out the wheel

3. Pierce a pencil through the center of the wheel with the pencil point on the blank side of the wheel

4. Secure pencil with tape

5. Take turns spinning the wheel to see which monster you land on (whichever way the pencil is tilted toward)

6. Check the monster key to see which move you’ll be doing

7. Turn on the music and dance it out

8. Score their dance moves with the score cards

Skills Used

Gross Motor

In-hand Manipulation

Visual Perception

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