Image of 2 men smiling and dancing. There is a banana animation overlay. Text says "Music: Banana Salute"

Banana Salute

Download the lyrics or just follow along with the Tim and Shaun to go bananas, go, go bananas! LYRICS Form […]

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3 people wearing leis are smiling and posing as they play a game.

Travel Improv

You can fly anywhere in your imagination! Join Jacob, Josephine, and Caroline to act along with their prompts!

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3 people laughing and waving their hands above their heads excitedly

Ocean in a Cup

Vanessa, Ben, and Elizabeth are making tasty ocean treats! We promise they are sweet and delicious. Try it out!

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3 people with their arms out shouting something. They look happy and excited.

Ocean in a Bottle

This cool science experiment will give you an ocean in a bottle! Follow along and create your own amazing ocean […]

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3 people smiling and laughing at a table getting ready to play Ocean Memory

Ocean Memory

Join Chelsea, Patrick, and Elizabeth for this classic game of memory with an ocean twist! You can make modifications by […]

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4 people smiling and laughing and holding up their Jellyfish shakers

Jellyfish Shakers

Shake, shake, shake it~! This fun activity is a must do for art and music lovers. Make some Jellyfish Shakers […]

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2 people smiling. 1 is holding a communication device and the other is waving.

Flower Power

Did you know you had the power to change the color of a flower?! Join Justin, John, and Derek to […]

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A woman looking in a hand mirror after having her hair and makeup done

Beauty Parlor

It’s time for hair and makeup! Check out Austin and April’s fun new looks as they get styled by KG […]

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A woman posing and a person with a camera taking a picture

Strike a Pose

What’s more important than getting pics on Prom Night?! Join April, Sam, and John as they show you how to […]

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