A man dancing salsa

Salsa Part 1

Let’s salsa dance with Derek! He’ll teach you the basic moves that’ll get you grooving in no time. Use your […]

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A man and a woman singing and looking at each other

Mad Libs

Sing and dance with Landon and Melissa! Create your own musical mad libs and show us on Instagram or Facebook […]

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A women dressed in a halloween costume mixing something in a bowl

Tea Party in London

You’re invited to Alice in Wonderland’s kitchen! We’ll be baking blueberry scones together. Join Alice and Mad Hatter for some […]

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A man at a table doing science expiraments

Elephant Toothpaste

Did you know elephants spend 22 hours a day chewing? Check out this fun experiment called “Elephant Toothpaste” by Tommy! […]

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A woman making a smoothie

Nektar Smoothie

Let’s make yummy smoothies with Alexa, co-founder of Nektar Juice Bar. This smoothie is inspired from the book, “Sneaky Spinach”, […]

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