A man holding up a completed coloring sheet.

Tim J.

“RAD Club is a cool interactive website where you can go and click on logos and you can see all […]

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A mom showing her son with something on the computer.

Carla H.

“It’s been a blessing to see friendly faces and do activities. I can look online and pick out different things […]

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A woman holding an award.

Kasia G.

“This content is virtual but it’s active. It’s going to work on gross and fine motor skills, making connections, building […]

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A mom and daughter taking a selfie.

Catherine L.

“I love RAD Club because I get to meet new friends and participate in fun activities. My favorite is art.

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Portrait photo of a man

John S.

“We were a little apprehensive that Justin wouldn’t be interactive with the group being virtual. It’s been the absolute opposite. […]

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Two men doing a science experiment.


“My favorite thing about RAD is making life-long friendships with Club members and fellow volunteers. It’s about being your true, […]

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