Thursday STEM

Join Liz and Tommy as they walk you through some galactic science experiments with household items! You won’t even believe […]

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4 people smiling and waving at the camera

3, 2, 1 …Blast Off!

3, 2, 1, blast off! Try out this awesome rocket simulation with Cameron, Alex, Stephen and Reagan. Gather your materials […]

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3 people with their arms out shouting something. They look happy and excited.

Ocean in a Bottle

This cool science experiment will give you an ocean in a bottle! Follow along and create your own amazing ocean […]

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2 people smiling. 1 is holding a communication device and the other is waving.

Flower Power

Did you know you had the power to change the color of a flower?! Join Justin, John, and Derek to […]

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2 men and a woman smiling and waving at the camera. One of them is holding up a Jelly Bean Tower

Jelly Bean Tower

It’s team Mason, Levi, and Megan! They’ll test the limits of gravity by building a tower out of jelly beans […]

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3 people doing a science project

RAD Rainbow

Learn about capillary action and watch as water defies gravity! Melanie, John, and Briana will walk you through step by […]

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4 people sitting at a table making Lucky Dough

Lucky Dough

Join Mia, Melanie, Levi, and Mason as they mix up fun in this classic activity with a lucky twist. Hours […]

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3 people at a Valentines decorated table with supplies for the science experiment.

Dancing Hearts

Today’s experiment is a little bit of magic and a whole lot of science! Follow along as Jude, Teresa and […]

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A lave lamp and thought bubble explaining carbon dioxide.

Lava Lamp

These lava lamps are so cool! Let’s science together with Tommy, Abby, Chris, Kamryn and Morgan on this awesome experiment. […]

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Man explaining a science project to the camera

Oobleck Goo

Today’s fun experiment is Oobleck Goo! Warning: This experiment can get very sticky and messy! Gather your ingredients and follow […]

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