A fort made out of pillows and blankets inside someone's house

Pillow Fort Building

Grab some blankets, bed sheets and lots of pillows, we’re making a pillow fort! The more blankets and pillows you […]

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A group of people playing musical chairs and each chair has a water ballon on it.

Water balloon Chairs

Grab your friends and family to play some water balloon musical chairs along with Desi, Jeremy and Jude. This activity […]

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Man wearing a purple Run 4 RAD shirt doing a quad stretch

Post Stretch Run

Do some post stretches with Mark after running! This will help relax those muscles and improve your flexibility! Make sure […]

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A brother and sister are high-fiving during a workout

Adaptive PE

Brad is from BC Adaptive Fitness and is going to show you a great workout with his sister, April! All […]

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A man and a woman singing and looking at each other

Mad Libs

Sing and dance with Landon and Melissa! Create your own musical mad libs and show us on Instagram or Facebook […]

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